Margaritas & Cocktails

A variety of delicious designer drinks to fit any mood!

TC Margaritas

Our classic Margarita is served on the rocks or frozen. Our Lime flavored Margarita is our own Texas secret recipe that is sure to please cowboys and cowgirls.

Top Shelf Margarita

Patron, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Lime juice, Sweet & Sour and Orange juice take our classic Margarita up a notch.

Texas Mule

We have are famous Irish Mule which is a ginger beer & fresh lime in a copper mug, Moscow Mule is New Amsterdam Vodka, ginger beer & fresh lime in a copper mug , and Mexican Mule is Camarena Tequila, ginger beer & fresh lime in a copper mug.

Western Lemon Shake Up

You will love this classic cocktail made with New Amsterdam Citron Vodka, Simple syrup and Lemonade with sugar along the rim.

Electric Lemonade

This favorite cocktail is made with UV Blue Raspberry Vodka and Tropicana Lemonade.

Blue Texas Sky

Blue skies are ahead with this great Texas mix of Cuervo 1800, Coconut Tequila, Blue Curacao and Pina Colada mix.

Texas Pink Armadillo

Tequilla, peach schnapps and triple sec mixed with grenadine, pineapple and cranberry juice

Spicy Bloody Mary

Jeptha Creed hot pepper Vodka & Garden Variety Bloody Mary mix

Traditional Bloody Mary

Vodka and Garden Variety Bloody Mary mix